About Me

Andy AuGustin

Who Am I?

My name is Andy. I’m an entrepreneur, idealist, sports fan/nerd, currently residing in Atlanta. Since I was 12, I’ve always believed in the idea that anyone can go and start their own business. I was thrilled when I realized I could do something to help people make that a reality.

I’ve worked in SEO since 2012. I’ve also managed over 300 AdWords campaigns in that time. I started RankPlus SEO to use my skills and knowledge to help other people reach their goals. I want everyone with a dream, passion, or idea to chase it and make it real. 

Personal Stats

  • Percentage of Bad Jokes 75% 75%
  • Love of Wings 100% 100%
  • Dance Skill 2% 2%
  • Oxford Comma Support 50% 50%

Still Have Questions?

I’m happy to answer anything about myself or RankPlus SEO. Click below and ask away!